Manufacturing cushion and airbag towing hitches for pickup trucks, bumper pull & gooseneck trailers. Safer smoother towing with Shocker Hitch®.

Our products include the Shocker air bumper hitch, Shocker HD™, Shocker Air Equalizer™, Gooseneck Surge® Air Hitch & Coupler, Shift Lock™ gooseneck coupler, Shocker air trailer tongue mount couplers, Shocker XRC & Impact cushion hitch ball mounts and our XR series ball mount.

Our best selling trailer selection of air ride sway control towing hitches.

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Our trailer towing innovation continues with new products for 5th wheel campers, sway towing kits, gooseneck couplers for 3″ balls and more.

Our Shocker HD air bumper hitches are available with combo dual ball, drop, raise, pintle, drawbar and clevis style mounts for and built for heavy-duty bumper hitch trailer towing.

Our Gooseneck surge air hitch & couplers are the preferred gooseneck airbag coupler for hot shot truckers. It cushions you towing experience & eliminates the tugs and jerks you feel when towing a gooseneck trailer. You can also order by Gooseneck Trailer Manufacture.