How to measure your receiver hitch tube size

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Measuring your receiver hitch tube size

The best way to measure your receiver hitch tube is to measure inside of the tube to inside of the tube. This will help you know what size ball mount you need to get for your hitch. It may be 1-1/4″ common on cars and cuvs. 2″ receivers are found on most mid & full size SUV’s along with 1/2 pickups (and older 3/4 ton). Newer 3/4″ pickups have a 2-1/2″ receiver hitch. Select 2017 and new Ford F350 & F350 may have a 3″ receiver hitch. For measuring what size hitch you have, measure the inside NOT the outside.

Receiver Hitch Size Diagram
Receiver Hitch Size Diagram. 1/2 Ton Pickup & SUVs normally have 2″, 3/4 & 1 Ton Pickup 2-1/2″. Only Select F350/F450 (Newer) have 3″ receiver.

How To Measure Receiver Hitch Size Video