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By keeping equipment secure & organized, DECKED helps workers recover an average of 20 minutes of productive time per day. For every 100 vehicles your fleet operates, this represents $360,000/yr in savings. 



DECKED engineers durable products that save up to 800 lbs vs. traditional alternatives. Every 100 lbs saved increases EV range by ~1% while improving performance. And our no-drill installs eliminate accidentally damaging your battery. 



All DECKED products are approved by the University of Utah’s Ergonomics Lab. DECKED’s ergonomic design increases safe bed access by 44%, reducing soft tissue injury costs by 75% and worker comp claims by 50%.  

Show me the study



DECKED’s lightweight, no-drill design increases vehicle resale value by up to $3,000 while reducing fuel costs by 7%. All DECKED products are engineered with a useful life that exceeds that of the vehicle and offer a lifetime warranty.



“DECKED’s security and flexibility lets us carry sensitive equipment safely and securely, but still permits a rapid load out of gear thrown on top of the DECKED setup.”

West Palm Beach Police Dept. Bomb Squad

“Our old systems were pretty much makeshift – crates, boxes and whatever we had to do to get to items. DECKED eliminates all that. I recommend DECKED because of its organization, ergonomics and look. TEst Test Test Test Test Test”

Pacific Gas and Electric Company

“The DECKED system helps our guys have all the tools they need, readily available to them. It’s sealed. It’s safe…It’s very ergonomic and at a cheap price.”

City of Denton Fleet Services


Increases safe access to storage by:
Reduce risk of falling by:
Increases the population strength capability from:

3rd Party Ergonomics & Safety Expert Andrew S. Merrywether, PhD, finds DECKED:

  • Increases amount of reachable cargo space from the ground
  • Eliminates need for truck bed ingress/egress
  • Reduces ergonomic risk from awkward movements
  • Reduces biomechanical risks and back compressive forces
  • Reduces risks of some tasks from ‘High Hazard’ to ‘Low Hazard’
  • Increases efficiency of tasks by reducing or eliminating extra movements




104 Billion

Annual days of work



Annual cost of work related injuries

#1 Occupation

Service (use of a vehicle to go to work at job site)

#1 Event/Exposure

Overexertion & bodily reaction

#1 Primary Source

Bad floors/work surfaces (#3 work movements)

#1 Nature of Injuries

Sprains & strains (#2 soreness/ overuse)

Save money. Save time. Delight your employees.

Join thousands of others and see why the DECKED Drawer System is right for your fleet.


  • Smoother Safer Towing: Add instant air ride towing to your pickup & camper with a equalizer, weight-distribution hitch (easily bolt your existing weight-distribution head to air equalizer). 
  • Absorbs Road Shock: Air equalizer absorbs the road shock & cushion the ride when towing a camper with a weight-distribution hitch
  • Fits Pickup Trucks Only: This is designed for pulling with a Pickup Truck - it will not work with SUV/CUV's with coil over springs in the rear.
  • Air Ride Technology: Built in air bag + 4 bump cushions direct the road shock through the airbag
  • Easy Installation: Fits & bolts to most major brands of weight-distribution hitch heads: Fastway E2, Equalizer, Reese, Husky, Pro Series, Torklift, Blue OX, Camco Eaz Lift & Curt round bar, Curt trutrack & trunnion head).  Measure your head, the air equalizer fits heads that have 2-1/2" center to center or 3-3/4" center to center bolt hole patterns. (Does not work with Anderson chain style weight-distribution hitch)
  • Adjustable & Heavy-Duty: 12,000 lbs towing & 1,200 lbs tongue weight capacity plus 7 or 9" of Adjustment (5" of rise to 2" drop or choose 5" rise to 4" drop). Fine tune for your towing weight. Just add air for heavier loads.
  • Available for 2",  2 1/2" & 3" receiver hitch tubes: Works great on GMC Sierra, Chevy Silverado, Chevy Colorado, GMC Canyon, Dodge Ram, Ford F150, F250, F350, F450, F550 Super Duty, Toyota Tundra, Tacoma, Nissan Titan, Frontier and Honda Ridgeline pickup trucks.
  • Kit includes: Air Equalizer with built in airbag, XR Ball Mount Base frame and two "D" handled hitch pins w/clips. Upgrade to also include a combo ball mount with 2" hitch ball & 2 5/16" hitch ball
  • How to set the air? After you hook up wd bars, air the hitch until the truck side bump cushions are not compressed. If the trailer side bump cushions are compressed you have too much air in the bag. See video
  • Safety Notice: The Shocker Hitch is a heavy-duty unit that in most cases exceeds factory towing weight capacities, therefore it is imperative that you always read and follow the tongue and towing weight recommendations of the truck that is mounted on, the trailer coupler rating and the ratings of the trailer you are towing. Manufactured by Shocker Hitch® USA in Arthur, ND. 2" Ball is 10,000 lbs GTW & 1,000 lbs TW / 2-5/16" Ball is 20,000 lbs GTW & 2,000 lbs TW.
  • What Size Receiver Hitch Do I Need? Not sure if you have a 2", 2-1/2" or 3" receiver tube?  Measure inside to inside. Check out our guide on How to measure receiver your hitch tube size.
  • How Much Drop or Rise Do I Need? Check out our guide to find out how much drop or rise you need.
Not sure if you have a 2", 2-1/2" or 3" receiver tube?  Measure inside to inside. How to measure receiver hitch tube size? Huge selection of ball mount adaptors available from Pintle hooks, draw bars, drawbar, clevis, drop ball mounts, raise ball mounts and more that work with the XR Ball Mount base frame.
Shocker Air Equalizer for Weight Distribution Hitch

Air Equalizer Videos

The Shocker Hitch Air Equalizer is really easy to install.  Just bolt your existing equalizer / weight distribution head to the air equalizer and then insert into your pickup receiver.  Important, when installing, make sure there is no air in the airbag.  Take out the valve core so the air is totally removed. Then hook up your load bars / weight distribution bars, attach to tow vehicle, then air up air equalizer airbag until forward washers free up (washers closest to the truck).

Download Installation Guide: Shocker Air Equalizer for Weight Distribution Hitches Installation Instructions

How to Install Air Equalizer Hitch Video

Step 1: Attach air equalizer and XR base mount to your pickup truck.

Step 1: Attach Air Equalizer & XR Base Frame to Pickup Truck Receiver Hitch
Attach air equalizer to pickup

Step 2: Bolt your existing weight-distribution head to the air equalizer

Bolt equalizer head to air equalizer
Bolt equalizer head to air equalizer

Step 3: Hook up your weight distribution as you did prior to installing air equalizer.

Hook up your weight-distribution bars as you did before
Hook up your weight-distribution bars as you did before

Just Bolt Your Equalizer Head to the Shocker Air Equalizer
Just Bolt Your Equalizer Weight Distribution Head to the Shocker Air Equalizer

Shocker Friction Sway Bar Kit Install Video

Will it work on my equalizer, weight-distribution or load leveling hitch?  Yes on most brands. Your weight-distribution head bolts to our air equalizer. Measure the head bolt pattern (not the shank). Our air equalizer fits 2-1/2″ center to center or 3-3/4″ center to center bolt patterns. Fits & bolts to most major brands of weight-distribution hitch heads: Fastway E2, Equalizer, Reese, Husky, Pro Series, Torklift, Blue OX, Camco Eaz Lift & Curt round bar & Curt trutrack or trunnion head. (Does not work with Anderson chain style weight-distribution hitch)

How easy it is to install?  Plan about 5-10 minutes. Check out the install video

How much air pressure does the air equalizer need?  You add air until the airbag is about 1/8″ off of the truck side, forward bump cushions. Here is a quick video showing how to set air pressure on air equalizer.

Do I have to adjust or reset my current weight-distribution bars or my sway control arm(s)? Generally no. When you attach your existing weight distribution head to the air equalizer, Set it up at the same height on your pickup as you had the hard connection shank. The air equalizer has 2 pin holes in the shank, use the pin hole that is closest to your previous length on your solid connection shank. If this is done, you should be a the same height and length of your previous connection and not have to adjust the length of your weight-distribution or sway control bars.

Does Shocker Hitch sell weight-distribution or sway control bars?  We currently do not, this air equalizer is made for existing weight distribution hitches on the market. Here is a list of the w-d hitches it works with. Fits & bolts to most major brands of weight-distribution hitch heads: Fastway E2, Equalizer, Reese, Husky, Pro Series, Torklift, Blue OX, Camco Eaz Lift & Curt round bar & Curt trutrack or trunnion head. (Does not work with Anderson chain style weight-distribution hitch) It does however work with friction sway control arms. You can check out our sway control & air equalizer combo kit here: Shocker Air Equalizer & Sway Control Towing Kit. 

  1. This hitch does what it says, smooths the bumps and tugs and makes a nice ride when towing your trailer.

    – Greg
  2. I tow a 10k pound Travel Trailer with this and it is worth every penny. It feels like you’re towing nothing when you hit bumps or pot holes. Only thing I wish is it had more than 2 inches of drop to it because I have a 6” lift on 37s (yes I know it’s not an ideal towing setup but I bought the truck that way prior). I highly recommend this to anyone with a WD hitch setup, you won’t be disappointed.

    – Bryce Hopkins
  3. Towing is a pleasure !!!
    Thank you for your help to set up
    My new Air Equalizer. After two years and 25000 miles I can finally enjoy towing my camper.
    Thank you.

    – Sebastian Kwasniewski
  4. I’m pulling a 27’ 4600# (dry) trailer with a 2020 Ford Ranger. The first time I pulled the trailer I was sure I’d have to get a new truck. But after getting the Shocker Hitch it made all the difference in the world. I am having 0 trouble with a squirrelly trailer now. What a difference. And the guys at the shop helped me every step of the way. Very pleased.

    – Trey
  5. We sell and setup for our customers , I have sold 3 of these in the past 30 days and all three customers Raved over them , So for me as the Business owner of my company, Im blessed to have started selling Shocker hitches .Happy customers means better life ! 🙂

    – Guy Shipp
  6. Does a great job
    Worth the money if you’re on the fence deciding.
    Using on a ford f350 and a 33 ft travel trailer
    Makes ride smoother and quieter, that is simply what it does!

    – Mark Sheffield
  7. I have only pulled once with the hitch but have already fallen in love with the way it handles the rough roads. it is extremely well built and performs well

    – Kent B Kundinger
  8. Great addition.. just drove 1350 miles with the shocker hooked up. What a noticeable difference. Have been recommending to everyone. The ride quality is greatly improved.

    – Dr. Michael
  9. I purchased this for my 2008 Toyota Tundra (10,500 lb trailer rated), 12000lb Reese Strait-Line weight distribution hitch with trunnion bars, and 2013 35′ Forest River Windjammer trailer (~8000 lb). I pulled from central Kansas to Colorado and back, about 900 miles total. PROS- It did help cushion the ride and made driving and riding less harsh. CONS- It is a lot of weight to lift and add at the hitch. The hitch has about 1″ less engagement into the receiver on the Tundra than that used previously with the Reese which I did not care for. The cam sway control on the trailer, part of the Strait-Line w/d hitch, had to be readjusted as the geometry changed. The Reese head and ball had to be tilted down because of interference between the Shockerhitch and the trailer ball hitch, which caused the trunnion bars being much closer to the ground at the trailer to hook up. Previously I dropped 4 chain links, now it is 2 to maintain the same trailer hitch height. I still have plenty of clearance when towing but hook-up is a little more difficult. All 4 urethane cushions of the Shocker hitch are loose when connected as it should be, but it takes 100 psi (maximum pressure) to achieve this and the travel on the forward cushions is still less than the rear cushions. I did not realize it may be required to hitch the trailer, add air, tow, then remove air to unhook. Fortunately, I do not have to do this but others may have to. I believe the brand of the weight distribution hitch will make a significant difference in how many changes are required in the hitch and the fit-up with the Shockerhitch. The Dewalt cordless compressor works great with this hitch. SUMMARY- It does help the ride but expect to make adjustments to your weight distribution hitch when adding the Shockerhitch. The trailer handled great while pulling but I believe partial credit is to the adjustments necessary to install the Shockerhitch may have helped dialing in the torsion bars and sway control cams. Construction appears to be top notch. I would probably buy it again if I had a “do over”.

    – Charles Westfahl
  10. Bought that very one.
    Super impressed with Form, Fit and Function… Heavy Duty…
    Absolutely saves where and tear on trailer tongue.
    I would do it again, I will recommend !
    Thanks !

    – Greg Sparks
  11. This hitch quality is superb. After installing it accordion to the instructions, the ride was noticeably better. All of the harsh, jerky bucking was gone. It greatly softened these reactions. I have a long trip comming up and that will really put it to the test.

    – Tony LaPolla
  12. Purchased my air equalizer for towing my 7500 lb. travel trailer. Installation and setup was really easy and straight forward.

    So far I’ve only towed about 15 miles to test it out, but I noticed a big difference as soon as I pulled out of the driveway. There is a very noticeable reduction in road bumps coming from the trailer to the truck. You can still feel the larger bumps (that I can’t avoid) but I expected that and they are much less jolting in the truck. So far I’m very pleased with my purchase and I don’t foresee that changing.

    – Kaleb C.
  13. Installed on 3/4 ton short bed, pulling 11k lb, 37 ft travel trailer. Night and day difference. All but eliminated the bucking on hills in Northern Georgia and makes for a smooth ride. Hands down the best purchase I’ve made since buying my camper.

    – Robert B
  14. I am not able to use it as planned. when put together as a mock up with our Husky weight distribution hitch the ball is 25.5″ off the ground. The RV dealership informed us that most RV trailers are at 22″ . Since the shank only has a 2″ drop , much to our disappointment, we were unable to use your shocker product. I contacted your help team and was told that they would speak with the company engineers to see if any other company has a compatible shank that will accommodate a 3-4″ drop, but never heard back from anyone. I am very surprised that you only make 1 shank as everything when it comes to trailers definitely is not a one size fits all scenario. I spent $639..00 on a product we can’t use and as of yet no one has responded to our problem.

    – Bob Schenck
  15. Absolutely the best air ride hitch made. Period. Really cushions the ride on rough roads and helps extend the life of your rv.
    Great product. There are many different hitches out there. You get what you pay for.

    – Johnny Smith
  16. So far we have done about 1500 miles on this hitch set up. I can say it is absolutely amazing!!!! In my opinion, it was worth every penny. It really feels like the trailer we tow (8500lbs 38′ travel trailer) is on air and absorbs many of it not all the bumps on the road. You don’t feel the jerking between the trucks and the trailer. Traveling on the High-Way is a breeze and the swaying goes away pared with the distribution hitch setup. By no means is the setup up cheap with the distribution hitch setup so make sure you buy the hitch lock asap. I have towed it with a 21 Ford 350, Ram 2500, and my DD Ram 1500 with bags (All diesels). Every single one was amazing with it.

    – Joe C
  17. I love it, makes towing so much more enjoyable! No more jerking and thumping from every road repair line on our good old Saskatchewan roads. Pulling our toy hauler camper with ease and comfort now!!! Well worth the buy!!

    – Nicholas Pletz
  18. Thanks for a AWESOME PRODUCT !!!!!! Much more enjoyable and smoother ride while towing trailer.

    – James
  19. This thing really does make a difference. I am using it with a 2020 GMC Denali HD, towing a Grand Design Imagine 2800BH. Even when the trailer rolls across speed bumps, it is not felt in the truck. .. AMAZING! Super easy to install. This was the final essential piece in my quest for a safe smooth towing experience in preparation for our 4500 mile Western trip in June. Had already upgraded the original tires and suspension.

    – George Helms
  20. Just towed my 9000+ lb rv trailer, very pleased. It removes that jarring effect from changes in road conditions and nearly removes effect from driving on bridges. This is what I was looking for. Thanks. Also hitch is heavy duty built .

    – James Brown
  21. Just received hitch but have not had a chance to pull with it yet. However, hitch seems to be very well made. Heavy , stout. Look forward to using it. My trailer is a 32 ft. Long 9000 + lb. Hope it performs as expected.

    – James Brown
  22. Thank you very much for the invitation :). Best wishes.
    PS: How are you? I am from France 🙂

    – Mixvon
  23. I am towing a 35′ long 9000 lb travel trailer. The Shocker Air Equalizer for Weight Distribution Hitch made a considerable improvement in the ride of my truck while towing. It was well worth buying.

    – Jerry M
  24. All I have to say is WOW!!!

    Well maybe I’ll says a little bit more. Before installing a Shocker Equalizer hitch, the ride while pulling my travel trailer was very rough and uncomfortable particularly when using my Blue Ox Sway Pro WD hitch. After installing the Shocker Equalizer Hitch with the WD hitch, the ride smoothed out and made longer trips very pleasant. I still feel slight tugging when driving in city and stop & go traffic but nothing like the whiplash I used to experience… the highway is where the Equalizer really shines…smooth as silk.
    Setup: 2013 – F150 with tow package. TT Tongue Weight 490lbs, Trailer Loaded Weight 4300lbs, Length 22’, Truck Loaded Weight 6300lbs. Blue Ox Bars 550lbs

    – Ronald David Overbeck
  25. Have now used for about 1500 miles and it works great. I have a rear kitchen trailer was constantly dealing with things falling out of the fridge and cupboards. All that has stopped. You just feel like you are driving the truck over bumps and don’t feel the secondary response from the trailer. I use a Blue Ox Hitch and it was seamless.
    My first clue was a I left a bottle of Windex on the Kitchen counter by mistake and after my first 20 mile test drive it was still where I put it.
    So far Great Product.
    Jayco 306RKDS HT /Dodge Ram 2500

    Doug S.

    – Doug Symington
  26. Great product

  27. This hitch is large and heavy but it does reduce the shock between the trailer and the truck enough to make it worth it for me. If I had to guess this reduces the shock by 50%. Small bumps almost go away and big bumps are reduced. I am using this on a 2018 F150 with an Equalizer brand weight distribution hitch. I am towing a 21′ 4000lb aluminum toy hauler.

    – Jeff
  28. Wow, what a difference in pulling my camper. This air ride set up really helps out.

    – Bill Johnson – Texas
  29. Pulled my 12,000+ pound racecar trailer with this hitch on my 1 ton Ram truck on a 1544 mile trip,round trip from Kansas City MO to Belle Rose LA and back to KCMO.
    The Last 37 miles of the trip from Baton Rouge to the track in Belle Rose was like driving on rail road tracks the roads were so rough.
    Everything stayed in place inside of my trailer and for once all the screws actually stayed in the walls and ceiling and were TIGHT when I checked them. So this hitch definitely does what it’s designed to do. It seems to absorb the road vibrations well, and made it a heck of a lot more smoother ride while towing!
    Thanks To the guys at shocker hitch for a awesome product!

    – Jason H.



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