Impact Max Series Cushion Hitches

The all black 20,000 GTW Shocker Impact Max black cushion hitch has 7 adjustment holes to maximize drop and raise using the same ball mount attachment. Tons of attachments available from combo ball, mounts with sway bar tabs, drop, raised, pintle, drawbar, clevis pin and more. Featuring 20,000 lbs of tow capacity and 2,000 lbs tongue weight. Plus in the be flipped around for more drop or rise. The build in double bump stop cushions help cushion your towing and help reduce the tendency of trailer sway. Upgrade your towing with an Impact Max cushioning ball mount. Many mount attachments from combo ball, drop, raised, pintle, pintle & ball, drawbar, clevis pin and more. Plus sway control options. Available for 2", 2.5" and 3" receiver hitches.