Air Ride Towing Advantages

Shocker Hitch Guarantee

In today’s world, whether you are towing a small camper or a heavy duty flat bed gooseneck trailer all loaded up, the road you have to travel from the open highway to gravel roads, air bag hitches offer less road shock and a smoother ride for both the pickup truck and the trailer.

Shocker Hitch uses air bag technology on our pickup hitches and gooseneck surge hitches for the same reason. A safer and smoother ride. Driving and towing over train tracks, over passes, busted up concrete, uneven roads, dirt roads, constructions zones and much more creates rough conditions when trailer towing.

Air bag ball mounts and hitches over so much more that steel springs and torsion axles. Push you can quickly adjust your air pressure for heavier or light loads as you go.

Steel springs and torsion axles are not adjustable. They have to stiff in order to carry the load, otherwise they would bottom out. Air bag hitches on the other hand carry very heavy loads and still stay soft, which is a big win.

Air bag hitches and ball mounts work the same way on a heavy or light trailer. More air for heavy trailers and less are for lighter trailers. Both result in a smoother operation on both the tow rig & trailer, as well as the the contents of both.

When it comes to smooth towing and controlling road shock, jerky, pulls, pushes, and the like, air bag hitches are number 1.