Shift Lock Gooseneck Coupler & Stem Set Lock Kit Package

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  • Combo Package: with both shift lock gooseneck coupler lock & gooseneck stem set bolt lock kit
  • Shift Lock Gooseneck coupler lock kit: Designed specifically for the Shift Lock gooseneck coupler. Coupler lock kit fits all 30K Shift Lock gooseneck coupler. 3 piece locking kit (Includes Base, Slide Attachment & Disc Lock with 3 keys). Locks your gooseneck coupler to prevent trailer theft
  • Gooseneck Set Bolt lock kit: Designed specifically to secure your gooseneck inner tube stem & coupler to your gooseneck trailer. Lock kit fits gooseneck trailers with front or side set bolts. 3 piece locking kit (Includes Base, Slide Attachment & Disc Lock with 3 keys). Locks your gooseneck stem & coupler to your trailer to prevent someone from stealing you stem & coupler. Does not fit the 9″ offset gooseneck hitch.
  • The Shift Lock gooseneck coupler is featured on Shocker 9″ Gooseneck Extensions, Shocker Gooseneck Solid Stems, & Gooseneck Surge Air Hitches.  
  • Set bolt lock Does NOT work with 9″ offset hitch
  • Does NOT work with bulldog or wallace forge or ease guide couplers
  • Only works with Shocker Gooseneck hitches with the Shift Lock coupler (has a silver handle)

Shift Lock Gooseneck Coupler Lock Kit – How It Works

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Package with both the Gooseneck shift lock coupler lock & a gooseneck stem lock.  Each lock kit is a 3 piece kit with disc lock & keys.  The gooseneck coupler lock is exclusively for the Shocker Hitch shift lock gooseneck coupler and the gooseneck stem set bolt lock kit fits gooseneck trailers with side or front set bolts.  The shocker hitch gooseneck coupler prevents someone from hooking up the coupler and stealing your trailer. The set bolt lock kit prevents someone from stealing your gooseneck stem & coupler, however, the set bolt lock does not fit the 9″ offset Shocker gooseneck hitch. Made in the USA for Shocker Hitch gooseneck hitches equipped with 30,000 lbs shift lock gooseneck couplers only.  Does not fit bulldog or wallace forge couplers.

California Residents: Prop 65 Warning



Shift Lock Gooseneck Coupler Lock Video

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Attach base to coupler, slide in slide unit & secure disc lock.


This product is back the Shocker Hitch Manufacturer Warranty and the Shocker Hitch Guarantee.

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Questions and answers of the customers

    Hi will your lock fit a normal gooseneck hitch? I wasn’t able to use your hitch style with my setup. Brian
  1. 0 votes
    Q Hi will your lock fit a normal gooseneck hitch? I wasn’t able to use your hitch style with my set...... Read more
    A No, our shift lock coupler locks are specific to our shift lock couplers.
  2. where are your products made?
  3. 0 votes
    Q where are your products made?
    A Our products are made in Arthur, ND.

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9 reviews for Shift Lock Gooseneck Coupler & Stem Set Lock Kit Package

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Customer Reviews

  1. This is a fantastic product. This product works as advertised, very easy installation. The folks at shocker hitch are very knowledgeable in helping you select the right product for your application. Their are very warm and friendly to speak with. I would definitely buy from them again. I pull a 30 ft gooseneck trailer with a deck on the neck, it stopped the hard slamming back and fourth as well as smoothed out the ride. If you are looking for a better towing experience give these guys a call. Be sure to ask about their lock for the hitch it is awesome as well.

    – Mitch Blalock
  2. The stem lock took some effort to get the lock to lock so much so that i was considering asking for a replacement. But after some time I was able to get it lock . both are robust i do not expect anyone with explosives to be able to remove them.

    – Ralph Aldridge
  3. easy protection to prevent theft of the spendy hitch.

    – sam bledsoe
  4. I purchased the shocker hitch for my Load trail GN trailer .. Great product don’t know how I drove without it.. eliminated all the jerking and my back thanks you to .. I’m getting the coupler lock for it next ..

    – Omero Cortez
  5. I absolutely love these hitches! I have one Gooseneck for my BigTex trailer and one Receiver Hitch for my smaller trailer. These make a big difference in towing! If you are contemplating on getting one, you should do it, you will not regret it!

    – Jim Rose
  6. Great product – just wish I discovered it before we had one of our trailers stolen!

    – Sundance Transport Inc.
  7. I had a 30mph and 65mph shake when pulling my 40’ PJ gooseneck trailer. The shocker hitch eliminated these completely. E

    – Bob Mott
  8. This lock system looks very sturdy and robust. I had a coupler and bolt lock with my previous hitch and this is a much more sturdy product.
    The only reason I gave it a 4 stars instead of 5 is because the locks are keyed independently. Not a huge deal, but I was assuming that they would have been keyed alike since sold as a package.

    – Tyler
  9. highly recommend this, if you spend the money on the hitch, spend the money on the lock! protect your investment. east to install, a little heavy, but very high quality is the reason. I also recommend the pin lock, they wont take your hitch with this baby!

    – andy mears

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