Shocker Impact Cushion Hitch Combo Ball & Sway Control Towing Kit

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  • Dual Cushioned Combo Ball Mount Hitch w/ Welded Sway Tabs & Sway Control Arm Kit
  • Cushions road shock & reduces trailer sway for a smooth, safe, and straight towing experience 
  • Shock Absorbing Hitch: Fits 2″, 2-1/2″ or 3″ receiver hitch shank”
  • Sway Tab Combo Ball Mount: 1 piece construction 2″ and 2-5/16″ zinc plated trailer ball with welded sway tabs
  • 7 Adjustment Holes: Allows for 7″ of Adjustment – 4″ of rise to 4″ of drop
  • Drop/Rise: Can be flipped around for more drop or rise (4″ of rise to 4″ of drop)
  • Hitch Pins: 2 hitch pin holes allow adjustment on the shank length and there is plenty of room on the receiver shank to accommodate hitch mounted towing mud flaps or shocker bumper tow flaps
  • Designed For: Dual bump cushion design for HD contractor type, camper, and enclosed trailer towing
  • Towing Capacity: 12,000 lbs towing capacity and a 1,200 lbs tongue weight. Works great on pickup trucks, vans, suvs, cuvs and minivans for pulling campers & other trailers
  • Works with: all our other ball mount adaptors attachments; Pintle hooks, combo multiball, clevis, cushioned drawbar, drawbar, drop ball mounts, raise ball mounts and more
  • Includes complete adjustable Shocker impact cushion hitch base frame assembly, combo dual ball mount with 2″ & 2-5/16″ hitch balls & 2 sway bar tabs, 2 ball mount pins & one or tow friction sway control arm kits. Choose between a single or dual sway control system.
  • Friction Sway Control Bar Kit Options: Order with 1 Sway Arm Kit for use with Trailer up to 10K lbs. Order with 2 Sway Arm Kits for use with Trailers over 10K lbs.
  • Great for reducing trailer sway: Use 1 system for trailers under 10K and 2 systems for trailers over 10K
  • Adjustable Friction Bar: Can be adjusted to fine-tune your towing experience
  • A single sway control arm kit comes with the sway control friction arm assembly, 1 1-1/4″ trailer mounted mini ball, 1 1-1/4″ hitch mounted ball with a lock washer and nut for your sway control ball mount tab along with 4 metal lag screws and 2 retaining clips. This is great for travel camping trailers, heavy-duty trailers, race trailers, and toy haulers.
  • Safety Notice: The Shocker Hitch is a heavy-duty unit that in most cases exceeds factory towing weight capacities, therefore it’s important you read and follow the tongue & tow weight recommendations of the truck it is mounted on, the trailer coupler rating & the ratings of the trailer you are towing. Manufactured by Shocker Hitch® USA in Arthur, ND. Bolt-on 2″ Ball is 10,000 lbs GTW & 1,000 lbs TW / 2-5/16″ Ball is 20,000 lbs GTW & 2,000 lbs TW.
  • What Size Receiver Hitch Do I Need? Not sure if you have a 2″, 2-1/2″ or 3″ receiver tube?  Measure inside to inside. Check out our guide on How to measure receiver your hitch tube size.
  • How Much Drop or Rise Do I Need? Check out our guide to find out how much drop or rise you need.

Reduce trailer sway and road shock with the Shocker Hitch Sway Control Towing Starter kit. Designed specifically to reduce trailer sway when towing this kit includes Shocker unique combo ball mount with welded sway tabs. The Shocker cushioned hitch combo ball mount kit with welded tabs for sway control arm/bars includes the sway arm kit with mini hitch ball. Shocker Impact sway control cushion hitch with combo ball mount is designed for heavy-duty use to cushion the towing experience. The dual bump cushion design is rated up to 12,000 lbs. Featuring a combo multi-ball mount with both a 2″ hitch ball and a 2-5/16″ hitch ball. It has 7″ of height adjustment range from 4″ of rise to 4″ of drop. 12,000 lbs tow rating capacity and 1,200 lbs tongue weight. Welded combo ball mount with a premium finish along with sway bar tabs for the mini ball on each side. Shocker Impact cushioned hitch ball mount provides versatility and a way smoother towing experience than a solid ball mount. The Impact ball mount has built-in adjustability maximum versatility with 7 adjustment holes for your towing needs for pulling campers to enclosed trailers. This trailer hitch with stabilizer bars always comes in handy.

When towing larger trailers, you may experience trailer sway from wind, passing vehicles, rough & uneven road surfaces. This sway control arm kit system is made to prevent the trailer from swaying. We offer a sway control arm bar system kit that connects from the Shocker sway control ball mount (sold separately) of the hitch to the front of the trailer. This sway control system is used to stiffen the connection between the truck and trailer, keeping it straight and in line with the towing vehicle.

You will want to use one (1) friction sway control arm kit when towing up to 10,000 pounds and/or 24′ trailers & when towing over 10,000 pounds and/or trailers longer than 24′, use two (2) friction sway control  arm kits. A single sway control arm kit comes with the sway control friction arm assembly, 1 1-1/4″ trailer mounted mini ball, 1 1-1/4″ hitch mounted ball with lock washer and nut for your sway control ball mount tab along with 4 metal lag screws and 2 retaining clips. This is great for travel camping trailers, heavy duty trailers, race trailers and toy haulers.

This Shocker Impact cushioned sway bar combo ball mount attaches by sliding into a standard receiver tube. Use this adjustable ball mount however you need to for tons of versatility. Works great on motorhomes, rv’s, pickup trucks, vans, suvs, cuvs and minivans. Plus the shank has 2 holes for the pin for length adjustability as well as allowing it to work with hitch-mounted mud flaps. Sway Bar combo mounts come fully zinc plated. Made by Shocker Hitch® USA

Note: This kit is offered with 1 or 2 sway control kits. It is suggested to get 1 kit if towing under 10,000 lbs and 2 kits if towing over 10,000 lbs.

Tons of Attachments: We offer a wide variety of additional ball mount attachments; standard mounts, drop ball mounts, clevis mounts, drawbar mounts, cushioned drawbar mounts, pintle hook attachments, raised mounts and combo multi-ball mounts.

California Residents: Prop 65 Warning

Shocker Sway Control Towing Starter Kit Features


Shock Absorbing Cushioning Hitch Ball Mount Videos

Shocker Air Hitch & Sway Control Towing Kit Video


Shocker Impact Cushioned Sway Bar Combo Ball Mount Installation Instructions

The Shocker Impact dual cushioned ball mount is easy to install.  It comes complete with easy to understand instructions along with everything you need. Just insert into your receiver hitch and adjust pins to proper ball mount height.

Safety Notice: The Shocker Impact is a heavy duty unit that in most cases exceeds factory receiver hitch weight capacities, therefore it is imperative that you always read and follow the tongue and towing weight recommendations of the receiver hitch that is mounted on your tow vehicle.

Check out the simple installation with the Shocker Impact Cushion Hitch Installation Manual.

Shocker Sway Control Kit Installation Instructions

The shocker sway control kit comes complete with everything you need to help reduce the sway when towing your trailer. Get 1 or 2 kits. Use 1 system for trailers under 10K and 2 systems for trailers over 10K. Check out the install early by downloading the sway control kit installation instructions.

Shocker Sway Control Kit Install Video


This product is back the Shocker Hitch Manufacturer Warranty and the Shocker Hitch Guarantee.

Shocker Hitch Guarantee


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

How much drop or rise does the Shocker Impact sway combo ball mount offer?

The combo mount is 3.5″ of rise and 3.5″ of drop.  The drop ball mount is 0″ to 7″

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Weight / Dimensions

Weight 48 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 7 in
Select Receiver Hitch Size

Fits 2" Hitch, Fits 2-1/2" Hitch, Fits 3" Hitch

Select Friction Sway Control Kit

1 Sway Arm, 2 Sway Arms

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