Shocker QuickAir 5th Wheel to Gooseneck Setup Instructions

View our installation instructions for installing the 5th wheel to goose pin box, installing the Gooseneck air hitch & coupler along with setting your air pressure.

Installing QuickAir 5th Wheel to Goose Box Video


Shocker QuickAir 5th Wheel to Gooseneck Surge Installation

When used properly these Gooseneck surge air hitch will make noticeable improvements in your gooseneck trailer towing quality. Giving both truck and trailer a smoother ride with less trailer fatigue and breakage.


Download QuickAir 5th Wheel to Goose Surge Installation Manuals

Maximum weights for Shocker QuickAir: Towing capacity = 25,000 lbs Tongue = 6,000 lbs 

Safety Notice: The Shocker Hitch is a heavy-duty unit, however, it is imperative that any weight capacity ratings are not exceeded on the ball that is mounted on your tow vehicle, or the Shocker Hitch. Use only a 2 5/16″ dia. Ball. V-19 rated. Do not exceed G.V.W.R. of ball being used.

This gooseneck hitch has a shorter stem than a normal gooseneck and is designed to be
used with the Shocker Replacement Goose Box for 5th Wheel Campers only. This gooseneck air
hitch cannot be used on a normal gooseneck trailer as the inner tube steel is too short for that

Gooseneck Surge Diagram
Gooseneck Surge Diagram


1. Remove your existing king pin box and install the Replacement Goose Box (SH-RVGC-4405 or SH-RVGC-4410)
in the same location on your camper.


3. Slide Gooseneck Shockerhitch stem into Goose Box sleeve with air bag toward rear of trailer. Align and install 3/4″ x 5″ thru pin with keeper. Tighten 1⁄2″ x 1″ Set Bolt on back of down tube.

4. Test fit camper to truck, verify installed height will allow camper to ride level – Apply grease to trailer ball and or shift lock coupler ball socket. Hook up trailer by shifting the lever back and lowering coupler onto the ball. Pull shift lever forward and align the locking hole – insert pin.

5. To adjust trailer ride height simply loosen the 1⁄2″ x 1″ set bolt in the back of the down tube. Remove the 3/4″ x 5″ thru pin with keeper. Move Shocker Gooseneck Surge hitch to desired position, reinstall bent pin with keeper and tighten set bolt.

6. Routine Lubrication Maintenance should include: Oil the coupler shifting fork shafts, grease the coupling ball socket, and grease the hitch ball to REDUCE WEAR AND IMPROVE SHOCKER ACTION. Main pivot grease zerk should be greased periodically for maximum bushing life. ( Simply, you cannot over grease it! )

Installing Gooseneck Air Hitch & Coupler Video

Download Gooseneck Air Installation Guide:

Gooseneck Air Installation Guide

Gooseneck Air Pressure Setting Video

Gooseneck Air Pressure Settings

  • This is a LOW PRESSURE hitch, that works by tow resistance.
  • Set air pressure at approx. 5 psi, then test drive.
  • Increase pressure in 5 psi increments until optimum results are found.
  • Typical air pressure range is 5 – 15 psi.
  • Do NOT EXCEED 55 psi

Note: When towing heavy trailers or trailers with high wind resistance it may be necessary to increase air pressure in the Shocker.